This is no doubt due to the hefty specs of the machine, notably the dual Xeons and 2gb of memory, which are key for such a system. That leads us to the logical ultimate test: As expected, the single-thread render test numbers remained unchanged. Take two Intel Xeon 3. The Precision incorporates top-class components into a PC billed as a digital media workhorse. Keep up with latest news. Adding motion to the title increased the wait to 8.

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It is frustrating to close and launch applications or move to another machine entirely to integrate and visualize your work. Take two Intel Xeon 3. At this speed, renders dell precision 650 so fast that you dell precision 650 simply want to render everything all of the time and preview on your DV camcorder and television. Even rendering was fast, however.

Perhaps the only hardware feature we were less than enthusiastic about was the onboard sound card, but for DiDo Digital in Digital out applications such as FireWire or DVD, it makes no difference at all. Regardless, the Dell worked well with the two drives I installed. A slightly larger and more accessible case with more open bays dell precision 650 a reset switch up front would have been nice, although most people will never need to enter or expand the system.

Dell precision 650 system effortlessly multi-tasked Maya 5, After Effects 6, Photoshop 7, and Premiere Pro, all without stopping my train of thought once.

We are not confident enough in our margin of error to dell precision 650 that HT hurts rendering performance, but we are prepared to declare that it doesn’t help. It’s easy ddell open, fairly accessible, sturdy, and amazingly quiet, especially for a monster workstation.

Forget what you thought you knew about Dell, makers of workstations targeted at high-end users. As expected, the single-thread render test numbers remained unchanged.

Windows XP booted precission a blink, media files loaded fast, application windows snapped open, and 3D rendered in the background without slowing. And if something goes wrong, support has to be there when you need it. This machine really is dell precision 650 for a professional post-production house.

When sending DV out to a camcorder for previews on a television monitor dell precision 650 is a critical featurerenders prcision did not interrupt the workflow significantly. Then we simultaneously ran the VeRT again and consistently averaged If you’re like me, you need a powerful, stable, and integrated workstation that can take a serious beating without flinching.

Dell Precision Desktop Series Specs – CNET

The true advantage of any multi-processor system should become dell precision 650 when running multiple applications, dell precision 650 we loaded up a complex After Effects AE project and started a render and, against our better judgment, began burning a DVD at the same time. While this hardware is technically cutting edge as of this dell precision 650, the rest of the machine is solid but unremarkable. Sitting pretty at my desk, the Precision handles all sorts of media content creation.

We therefore found Premiere’s old-fashioned non-realtime editing mode to be more efficient and pragmatic than the RT preview mode. For example, the 80GB video hard disk is isolated from the 40GB system disk for flawless capture and output, just dell precision 650 we’d demand from any video editing system. It has to import DV, run 3D, render memory-hungry scenes, edit video, and burn DVDs—everything to take a project from script to DVD, as well as play some games, if you can find the time to relax.

For power-users and production houses that absolutely need the muscle of two premium-priced professional Xeon processors, this is the editing computer for you.

He can be contacted at dd koosh3d. The Precision we received was totally loaded dell precision 650 software as well. A decked-out Precision can be an all-around answer to a studio that needs highly functional and adaptive systems to carry out a wide range of demanding chores.

Dell Precision 650

560 For example, a five-second title overlay took only 4. Adding motion to the title increased the wait to 8. As a matter of fact, Maya 5 ran on dual screens at x resolution per screen without a precisioon, and Adobe’s Premiere Pro ran like a champ across both monitors for video editing. Twice Dell manufactured issues on my system at ungodly hours and was met with fast and accurate support, but only if I called the workstation support team directly.

Still, we’ll take a serious whack in this editing computer review and see if candy spills dell precision 650 or not. To remedy that, Dell’s new dell precision 650 of Precision PCs targets dell precision 650 high-end user. By clicking the “Subcribe” button, you agree to sign up for the CGW Magazine e-newsletter, as well as to receive third-party promotions from our partners.

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