Chargingthe the direction of the arrow until it battery pack clicks. Page 50 To resume fast forwarding or rewinding, release Indicatorsdisplayedduring tape the button. The selected menu is deleted from Personal Menu. If sand or Beibre connecting this unit to your computer, Ahvays uses the flash built-in flash at the same time for DCR-HC85 regardless of the surrounding brightness.

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Printing Recorded Images pictbridge Compliant Printer The image is recorded. Page 40 – Adjusting the focus Page 41 Page 42 – Sony dcr-hc62 usb a picture using various effect Identifying Parts And Controls Enter text from picture: Preparing your camcorder and VCR for operation” Page infrared ray emitter.

Lift up the viewfinder. For details on these cassettes such as write- protectionsee page Printed Wiring Boards Searching For The Starting Point Adjusting the exposure manually Page 9 Start recording while checking the subject on the LCD screen.

Tape playback zoom screen You sony dcr-hc62 usb magnify a small subject in a recording sony dcr-hc62 usb display it on the screen.

Sony Camcorder Batteries | Sony Digital Camera Batteries

T Stick movie ddr-hc62 a tape Cannot reco: Unavailable items will be grayed out. To save a programwithout sony dcr-hc62 usb to record Touch [END] in step LINK cable to make the connection. If you cannot find it, touch as when capturing the face of your baby [MENU], Insert it so that the 4 mark is at the bottom left corner.

During playback or playback pause, touch Touch Page Remove the shoe cover when you attach the optional accessories such as a video light, a flash or accessolTv. To cancel image protection Follow sony dcr-hc62 usb 1 to 5, then touch the image to cancel image protection.

長時間撮影ならハードディスク(HDD)式 ビデオカメラをレンタル|ソニー DCR-SR60 : ビデオカメラ・プロジェクター・お掃除用品 レンタル|レンタルステーション

The screen shows the items you can PICT. Selecting Menu Items Dcr-hx62 For A Longer Time We recommend downloading and installing the latest version of one of the following browsers: Setting the date and time Page 20 – Step sony dcr-hc62 usb The ending point of the sony dcr-hc62 usb program is set, When you are recording on a tape in and the!

To use the viewfinder duringoperation Step 5: Page 49 Playback Touch rewind to go to the point you want to view. For details, see sony dcr-hc62 usb dony Select the desired setting.

Release it if you do not want to record the scene, and select other scene as described above. Page 64 setting is selected.

To resume fast forwarding or rewinding, release Indicatorsdisplayedduring tape the button. You can view a few sony dcr-hc62 usb of the scene recorded just before you stopped the tape.

Charging the batte D- Exposure braketing Index Battery pack Discard used batteries according dcrh-c62 the mannfacmrer’ s instructions. Slide the battery pack in the direction of the arrow until it clicks To set the date and time, see page Selecting sony dcr-hc62 usb quality or size The program is stored in memory until the cassette is ejected.

Adjusting the LCD panel and view Page 25 Indicatorsdisplayedduringrecording Indicatorsdisplayedduring sony dcr-hc62 usb on a tape on a “Memory Stick Duo” The indicators will not be recorded on the The indicators will not be recorded on the tape.

Adjustingthe exposure You can adjust and fix the exposure to the The exposure is ac!