L, D, D, D I heard of a guy who had a little ball of tin wandering inside the notebook due to a non isolated wire welding that ended in a costly motherboard replacement. After removing that, the DVD drive will slide directly out of the side with ease! Followed your guide and everything worked perfect. The problem being that the socket is at the back of the case and directly below the hinge for the screen?

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My question is portge the Cord is connecting to the port all the way and the charging cord is ok then i would think the laptop should come on? Find toshiba portege m900 multimeter and test the AC adapter.

Be sure to blow the dust out of the computer. This is a toshiba portege m900 fix that can be done with next to no tech skills. And took my time taking porttege apart while just following your steps.

Okay i did this mod, step by step. Great work in providing the steps. Mine is broken just toshiba portege m900 yours. So awesome that you posted these instructions…obviously a huge problem with the Toshiba Laptops.

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What Toshiba model you have? I followed your tutorial and I was able to disassemble my laptop successfully. I seemed to have messed up the cable that goes from the touchpad into the motherboard. Plugged it up works like a champ. I consulted the comments and read about the screw under the RAM panel toshiba portege m900 the bottom mm900 the laptop.

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

Pleas if you can tell me. You can disassemble the laptop to barebone system and troubleshoot from there. I suspect that not doing a good enough job re-insulating those leads is a bit of a fire hazard, so everyone please do a good job on this part.

Only question I have is how do you remove the DVD drive so you toshiba portege m900 perform the activities mentioned by this toshiba portege m900 Their warranty department claimed they do not cover any plastic parts with their warranty. Taking the computer apart was the hardest part!

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Marcus, I am currently trying to fix a L as well. OK — I bought all the parts, but am still deciding how I want to proceed. Cingular hard reset Cingular hard reset Cingular hard reset Cingular hard reset.

The problem I had before I did the fix was that the jack itself was dead. Otherwise I have everything that your guide shows toshiba portege m900 needing. Evidently this is a common problem. Today I explain how to repair damaged power connector also known as power jack in Toshiba Satellite Toshiba portege m900 and L laptops.

Im an 15 toshiba portege m900 old owner of a Toshiba L labtop, which also got this problem after nearly 2 perfect-working years. I have the same problem my power jack has been displaced, but my laptop goes on battery with this problem, its as if my m9000 doesnt supply the electricity enough. Did it charge before?

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The model is LS Awesome tutorial, toshiba portege m900 fine on the L My model is the L Will the same ac adapter work with it. Toshiba portege m900 black cable is connected to the connector on the side. I have the same issue and its killing me!!!!!! I had the same problem on an LD Satellite. There is enough room inside the porrege to fit the jack in no problem no need to cut anything and it clears the speaker assembly.

Mortfan, Thanks for the heads up on the screw under the ram cover. Thanks so much for this DYI fix for the Buy the touch pad assembly, disconnect the cable and install it into your laptop instead of the damaged cable. It is very solid and no cutting required. This fix has worked great. I just toshba these instructions to fix my LD. Matter of fact the whole motherboard gets power but still no power lights.

So i tried to use my charger on a toshiba portege m900 toshiba laptop and it was causing the same problems, if u slightly moved it, it would go on battery. toshiba portege m900

I would love to have my trackpad back because I play my laptop when I am laying in bed and it is very annoying toshiba portege m900 try to use my wireless mouse for it. The power wires run from the motherboard to the jack.

I want to buy this item, original Tosshiba jack for my toshiba laptop L This is why we bent the negative terminal outwards.