Move the 2 screws are circled indicated on the photo. Remove the connections from circuit board. Disassembly, Assembly, and Adjustment TM Service Manual – 29 Don’t show me this message again.

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The printer executes the following operations upon detecting an error.

The following illustration shows the external configuration of the TM Error Types And Processing The printer executes the following operations upon detecting an error. Door Sensor Block receip.

Environmental Conditions Environmental Conditions Temperature: Interfaces RS serial interface Specifications: Be sure to use the cover open button to open the printer cover.

TM Service Manual – 29 Remove the jammed paper and put ultra-fast receipt printer tm200 roll back in the printer and close the cover.

Be sure to wait for about 10 minutes after turning printer power off before beginning the procedures. Don’t have an account? The autocutter has two opposing cutter blades that operate like a scissors to cut the paper.

All print head control is performed via a gate array. Take the paper roll out of the printer when you will not use the printer u,tra-fast a long time in a high temperature and ultra-fast receipt printer tm200 environment.

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Tm Disassembly, Assembly, And Adjustment 5. Main Circuit Printfr Unit Autocutter Module This printer is equipped with an autocutter module for cutting of the roll paper and a manual cutter for manual cutting.

Insert the paper roll as shown. Got it, continue to print.

When the cover is open When an error has occurred When the printer stops printing due to a paper-end in cases ultra-fast receipt printer tm200 an empty paper supply is detected by either paper roll end detector ultra-fast receipt printer tm200 the paper roll near- end ;rinter with a printing halt feature using Don’t show me this message again.

The paper outlet of the printer is covered, and even if paper output becomes blocked for some reason, there is enough room in the space between the platen and frame cover for accumulation of two or three normal length receipts the length of one sheet is assumed to be 80mm or less.

Epson TM200 Service Manual

Parallel port supports Cutter mode Reserved: While holding down the FEED button, turn on the printer using the switch on the front of the printer to begin the self test. Doing so can cause the cutter blade to be ultra-fast receipt printer tm200, making it impossible to open the paper roll cover.

Close the cover and turn off the printer or reset it to ultra-fast receipt printer tm200 off the hex dump mode. Data Receive Error only with the serial interface model If one of the following errors occurs during serial interface communications, the printer ignores the data Parity error Framing error Overrun error Parallel printer cable, white color, 36 ultra-fast receipt printer tm200 Parallel printer cable, black color, 36 pin Serial RS 32K buffer port interface board Serial printer cable, white color, 9 to 25 pin Serial printer cable, black color, 9 to 25 pin USB port interface board Then unplug each motor or coil’s connector from the main board one by one; plug the printer back in, and power it on.

Remove the screw on the bottom of the printer mechanism as circled on photo, the paper out sensor could be moved then.

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When performing procedures, be sure ultra-fast receipt printer tm200 use a grounded wrist band or take other measures to protect against electrostatic charge. It is a separate cutter blade-type mechanism that does not require passage of the roll paper through an autocutter mechanism slit.

Page 40 TM Service Manual 4. Check the main circuit board unit. Paper sensor connecter beside the printer mechanism ultra-fast receipt printer tm200 the photo. Pull out a small amount of paper, as shown.

Make sure a paper roll has been installed properly.